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Fully Customized Will for a Married Couple - $149

This option is for Illinois residents to write their Will as part of an estate plan.

The seller of this package, Michael E. Byczek, has been a licensed Illinois attorney since 2007.

You shall receive a fully customized Will package designed for a married couple. Each of the two Wills is completely independent of the other, but both shall reference each other as companion legal documents. The documents are based on your life, property, family, and personal preferences. Mr. Byczek will contact you via email to fully understand your final wishes and write an estate plan just for you, versus a fill-in-the-blank option.

To best protect your privacy, some items (i.e. social security numbers) shall be left as blank spaces for you to complete yourself.

Options include notarized versions of the Will and companion affidavits, depending on the final format of the document.

Disclaimer: This package is only for residents of Illinois.

The documents will be emailed via PDF to the email address listed in the receipt after the transaction is complete and payment received. If the receipt does not provide a valid email address, the purchaser may need to contact Michael E. Byczek since it is possible that all direct contact information might be blocked for privacy reasons by PayPal.

Mr. Byczek will contact you via email within 1-2 business days.

The documents are provided for personal non-commercial use.

For more information about Michael E. Byczek:

Law website: http://attorney.byczek.pro
Detailed profile: http://www.michaelbyczek.pro
Email: michael@byczek.pro

This customized legal service requires a written Attorney-Client agreement. You must view the agreement before making a payment. You are deemed to have approved the Attorney-Client agreement by completing the payment below. Save or print the agreement for your records. Michael E. Byczek will contact you for complete contact details (name, address, etc). The combination of the online agreement accessible on this website, proof of payment, and your contact details shall formalize the Attorney-Client relationship.

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