Online Blank Legal Document Agreement

Michael E. Byczek, a licensed Illinois attorney ("Attorney"), shall provide a blank fill-in-the-blank legal document to the individual who acknowledges this agreement ("Requestor").

Requestor fully acknowledges (1) All blank legal documents provided by Attorney are Illinois-specific; and (2) these blank documents cover a broad range of scenarios and may not best reflect Requestor's particular situation that would otherwise be more precisely written if an attorney fully customized each provision after discussion with a client.

Requestor acknowledges that this agreement does not form an attorney-client relationship and that one-on-one legal services are not being provided. Customized legal services are available for an additional fee, which requires a formal written attorney-client agreement.

Once the Blank Legal Document Agreement and payment are received by Attorney, the requested blank legal documents shall be emailed to Requestor as a PDF attachment.

The documents are provided for personal non-commercial use.

This agreement is provided to Requestor through the Attorney's online store ( as part of a virtual legal office. Requestor was informed prior to sending payment to read and acknowledge this agreement. Confirmation of acknowledgement shall be sent via email to both Attorney and Requestor after entering his/her name through a website form and clicks the submit button.

If Requestor sends payment without acknowledging this agreement, Attorney shall provide an opportunity for Requestor to do so both online and in paper-format.

Attorney shall, through professional courtesy, answer reasonable questions from Requestor about the documents. Attorney shall not answer any question that extends beyond clarification or constitutes general legal advice.

REQUESTOR ASSUMES FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR COMPLETING ALL DOCUMENT REQUIREMENTS AND VERIFYING THAT THE DOCUMENTS FULFILL HIS/HER INTENTIONS. Requestor further represents that they intend to use the documents obtained from Attorney for lawful purposes.

This written contract represents the entire agreement between the parties. Requestor acknowledges having read and understood the entire document. Any dispute shall be reviewed pursuant to the Illinois Supreme Court Rules (Article VIII - Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct of 2010).

Michael E. Byczek, Attorney at Law
(Sole Practitioner licensed in Illinois)
Phone: 312.434.9409

Mailing Address:

Po Box 5983
Chicago, IL 60680-5983

Requestor Details

Please list the legal document requested (i.e. "Will - single without children, extended version").

I, the Requestor, acknowledge that I have read and understand the terms of the Blank Legal Document Agreement and further acknowledge that by pressing the submit button I have requested, pending full payment of fees, that Michael E. Byczek provide the above described legal documents.

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