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Living Will - $50

A Living Will is a written declaration the instructs a physician to withhold or withdraw death delaying procedures in the event of a terminal condition.

The declaration is meant to become part of a patient's medical records for physicians to comply with these requests.

A Living Will is fundamentally different from the term "Will" that most people are familiar with to distribute property upon death. This particular document is limited to whether or not life should be prolonged, such as when a patient is in a coma without the probability of recovery.

The document is standardized according to Illinois statute, but Michael E. Byczek shall work with the client to determine whether there are any special language or requests that should be incorporated into the document that best suits the patient's particular intentions.

While not required by law, the Living Will includes a notary provision for the best possible protection.

Once payment is received and the written Attorney-Client agreement acknowledged, you will receive access to a secure collaborative file sharing platform to exchange documents and information.

Disclaimer: The documents are only valid for Illinois and are provided for personal non-commercial use.

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