Michael E. Byczek

Trademark Drawings

The application must include a clear drawing of the trademark.

There are two types of drawings. A standard character drawing simply shows the text. The second is a special form of drawing, such as a logo. A special drawing only protects that specific graphic representation. Two logos require two applications.

The drawing must show how the mark will appear, such as in advertisements or product labels. One of the most important considerations is style. Just like copyrights and patents, the government will only protect what you submit. If a unique character set is used to type the mark, then only that specific print may be protected. If a standard font is used, then it is possible for somebody else to register a creative design.

What you submit will depend on the font. For example, if not drawn using standard characters, the application must include a digitized image of the mark, along with any colors. If color is used, a statement must be attached that identifies the shade, where each appears, and whether the color is part of the mark or just illustration. When nonstandard characters are used, a description of the mark must be included. All submissions require English or Latin translations.

Drawing techniques:

One mark per application
Character Set
Latin characters
Roman/Arabic Numerals
Two/Three Dimensional markings
Motion marks
Broken Lines to show placement on a product
DPI scanning resolution
Length and width in pixels

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