Michael E. Byczek
Attorney at Law

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Artificial Intelligence
Mobility and the Cloud
Data Science and Analytics
Data-driven Research
Data Security and Privacy
eDiscovery and eRetention
Domain Names
Social Media
Music, Photos, and Video
Cyber Crime and Identity Theft
Digital Marketing Strategies
Hardware and Software Infrastructure
Estate Plans (Traditional and Digital)
Pet Guardianship
Real Estate

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Quantum Computers
Digital Afterlife
AI-Generated Wills
Generative AI Art and Copyright
AI, Music, and Copyright
White House Executive Order on AI
Blueprint for AI Bill of Rights
NIST AI Risk Framework
AI and the United Nations
AI in Europe
Pharmaceutical IP

Michael E. Byczek has been a licensed Illinois attorney since 2007 and manages his own sole proprietor law firm in Chicago, IL.

He is the only attorney at the company, based out of his home office in the Bridgeport neighborhood.

Follow on all major social media platforms: @byczeklaw

Clients and prospective clients have the option for video-based meetings.

Michael provides access to a secure file sharing platform once an attorney-client relationship has been formalized to securely exchange documents and information.

License verification is available through the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of Illinois (www.iardc.org).

Michael E. Byczek is also a licensed Illinois real estate managing broker. Visit byczekbrokerage.com for more information.